Dynic started its business at Nishijin, Kyoto in 1919 to produce made-in-Japan book cloths. Since the establishment of our company, we have been constantly improving our technology to offer many products that help bring enrichment and comfort to people’s lives and culture.
Modern life would not be the same without our products. Many are found in the home-everything from flooring and wall covering to books and photo albums. Bankbooks, interlining/ carelabel for clothing and dairy products depend on our technology. We make interior components for cars and trucks, canopies and carpets for event sites, filters for office air conditioning systems, business cards, printer ink ribbons… The list goes on and on.
Dynic began many years ago as a manufacturer of book binding cloth and dyes. Since then, we have taken advantage of our basic technologies-coating, coloring, laminating and embossing-to develop a wide range of related technologies. We believe that we can hone our technologies to open up new frontiers where almost anything is possible.
Dynic’s aim is to create the conditions for comfort and the good life. This is another reason why we keep our corporate activities environmentally friendly, for greater protection of the global environment.
Two of Dynic’s key concepts are Respect for the Environment and Information. Contributing to the information society has been important to our company ever since it was founded. Both of these concepts guide our development of new products that fit the needs of the times.
Toward the 100th anniversary milestone of our company, Dynic Corporation and all companies in the Dynic Group, in Japan and abroad, have the same ideal: For The Customer. This ideal will remain with us as the future unfolds, helping us create new products and develop new service. 代表取締役社長 大石義夫