Achieving world-class status in environmental preservation and quality control: Both the Shiga and Saitama factories have obtained ISO 14001 certification. The Shiga, Saitama, Oji and Moka factories are ISO 9001 certified.

Our Shiga factory obtained International Organization for Standardization’s (ISO) 9001 and 14001 certifications, as well as Interior Safety Materials’ (ISM) certification almost concurrently. This is a rare accomplishment even among major companies, and has attracted huge attention from related industries.
ISO is an international organization that creates standards to ensure that the international distribution of goods and services is smooth and efficient. The Shiga factory is ISO 9001 certified for quality control and ISO 14001 certified for its environmental management system, and Nic Freight Co., Ltd. and Dynic Factory Service Co., Ltd., both of which are located within the Shiga factory’s premises, also obtained these certifications at the same time. ISM is quality and safety standards for wallpaper products as formulated by the Wallcoverings Association.

The Shiga factory has been making efforts to address the following issues with the aim of creating a factory that is friendly to the global environment and the local community:

  • A strong focus on environmental protection throughout the entire process, ranging from the development to the disposal of products.
  • Maximum effective utilization of industrial water for factory use and the purification of industrial waste water.
  • Implementing resources and energy conservation activities with the participation of all employees (Awarded a prize by the Director of the Regional Bureau of International Trade and Industry in 1994).
  • Promoting the creation of a green factory that can coexist in harmony with nature (Awarded a prize by the Director of the Regional Bureau of International Trade and Industry in 1998).
ISO 14001 Certification (Shiga and Saitama factories)

ISO 14001 Certification
(Shiga and Saitama factories)

ISO 9001 Certification (Shiga and Saitama factories)

ISO 9001 Certification
(Shiga and Saitama factories)

ISO 9001 Certification (Oji and Moka factories)

ISO 9001 Certification
(Oji and Moka factories)

ISM Certification (Shiga factory)

ISM Certification
(Shiga factory)

Following the Shiga factory, our Saitama factory also obtained ISO 14001 certification in December 1998. The Saitama factory is actively engaged in activities to improve the environment and prevent pollution.

History of Dynic’s Activities to Prevent Pollution and Preserve the Environment
1972 Nic Environment Service Co., Ltd. was established to provide technical information services concerning the measurement, analysis and prevention of pollution.
1974 Kyoto Industrial Services Co., Ltd. (currently Kyoto Environmental Preservation Public Corporation) was established jointly by manufacturers in the Kyoto area. Mr. Sanjiro Sakabe, then President of Dynic Corporation, concurrently served as President of the company and actively participated in the management of the company.
1978 The construction of the Shiga factory, with a focus on environmental preservation, was completed.
1987 The Astropark Observatory was opened within the Shiga factory premises with the aim of contributing to the local community and creating harmony between man and nature.
1989 Dynic Factory Service Co., Ltd. was established to process waste from factories and promote recycling activities.
1991 A large-scale dry distillation-type incinerator was installed at the Saitama factory and thermal recycling commenced. Concurrently Dynic applied for the license of an intermediate waste processor and obtained the license in 1993.
1994 Dynic established its basic environmental policy and the Environmental Grand Prize System.
1997 The Shiga factory obtained ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and ISM (for wall papers) certifications.
1998 The Saitama factory obtained ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certifications.
2003 The Oji and Moka factories obtained ISO 9001 certification.
2005 The Observatory was awarded a commendation for its contribution to the conservation of the atmospheric environment.
2010 The Environment Promotion Office was newly established to promote efforts to preserve the environment and control chemical substances.
Dynic was designated as one of the companies which were eligible for loans under Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation’s Environmentally Responsible Company Support Fund.
Dynic was awarded the Environment Minister’s Prize (in an individual category) at the 22nd National Conference of Towns under Starry Skies and Towns under Blue Skies.
2011 Dynic’s Tokyo Head Office and Saitama factory obtained the Forest Stewardship CouncilTM (FSCTM) and Chain of Custody (CoC) certifications.
The Observatory was introduced as an environmental observatory at the 23rd National Conference of Towns under Starry Skies and Towns under Blue Skies held at Taga-cho, Shiga Prefecture.
Princess Takamado paid a visit to the Observatory.